Halo Lot With 2 & 3 Collectors Edition VGA 95

It is surprisingly hard to find PS3 and Xbox 360 auctions of interest. 360 is manageable, but the PS3 has minimal Limited Editions and the like of notice.

If you happen to need a system, you could always buy an Xbox 360 from Argos or a PS3 at Argos.

Anyways, the most interesting thing I could find today is this Halo lot. Full of 23 collectible items, ranging from the Halo 3 Game Fuel Mountain Dew (full case) to a sealed Halo 2 Xbox Live headset with more in between. Promos, a standee and a Halo 2 Limited Edition VGA graded 95 (if sealed floats your boat. Lots of offers on this one, but no one wants to go near the asking price yet.

Auction Here


Sealed Origional XBOX System – Not a bad price so far.


PS3 Asura’s Wrath Ten Edition e-capcom store with Two Artbook & DVD – This is a pretty awesome Japanese release.
Halo 2 Store Display – 1/2 scale about 45 inches tall. Seller does some nice custom action figures as well.
XBOX 360 TRON Controller Set Orange Yellow Blue Ice Blue Green Siren – Officially Licensed TRON XBOX 360 controllers were released to accompany the release of the new TRON movie. Orange was limited to 250, the others with high, but still limited runs.

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