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Left 4 Dead 2 Bat & Beads

This is a pretty weird promo, and it’s got quite a price tag attached.

(1) Left 4 Dead 2 Bat! This glossy wooden bat is approx 18 inches long, and approx 1 1/2 inches at it’s widest point, and features the Left 4 Dead 2 Logo (see scan). It is held in place in the box at two point with overlapping paper straps. Cool!!

*(1) Left 4 Dead 2 Necklace! These Mardi-Gras style red beads are approx 32 inches around, and feature a large white plastic medallion that reads, “Left 4 Dead 2, Preorder Today. Batter Up!” This is enclosed in the box under a flap next to the bat (see scan). Extra padding will be added into this section during shipping to keep the necklace from shifting.

The box itself is approx 19 x 6 x 3 inches inches, and made of cardboard. The red box features a plastic window in front, revealing the bat, and on the sides are “graffiti” that reads, “Watch 4 Spitters,” “Hardly Gras 2009,” “I’m tired of these Vampires! They’re Zombie Idiots!” and more! The box is in VERY good condition, with some usual expected corner wear. Both the bat and necklace have never been used, and have been stored in their box. This is a RARE promo set not sold in stores! Wow!



Super Mario Bros. No-Tears Shampoo Bottle 1989 Nintendo – I’ve actually wanted one of these for quite some time.

Sealed Intellivision II Service Manual and Test Cartridge

Handmade Little Big Planet’s Zanghief Sackboy

Smart Boy Arkanoid NES Nintendo Game

Up for auction is a very rare “Smart Boy” version of Arkanoid for the NES (One of two verified copies in collector’s hands)! Below is a small excerpt of an article I wrote about these particular cartridges:

These games were manufactured by some random company in South America and distributed by a company named Video Store Services in the early 90’s. Video Store Services specialized in selling fixtures and other miscellaneous items to both video rental chains and independently owned stores. SmartBoy games were created with the intent of offering stores a cheaper alternative to having the ‘popular titles’ rather than purchasing their officially licensed counterparts. Independently owned rental stores who decided to purchase the one page QuikPlay instructions were more apt to carry these cartridges than the bigger store chains, which is likely why so few of these have surfaced. From a brief conversation with the original owner of Video Store Services, these cartridges did not sell very well and were eventually dropped from their product catalog. The company has relocated their warehouse several times since then so any possible overstock of these titles were either liquidated or just thrown away.

To date, there have been five different SmartBoy titles that have surfaced, and the numbers of those in collectors hands(through my own personal data collecting since I fist became aware of them) are as follows:

Arkanoid (2)
Super Mario Bros 2 (1)
Super Mario Bros 3 (2)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2)
Tetris (5)

Intellivision 4-TRIS: Philly Classic Version – Seller has a TON of nice and rare Intellivision stuff for sale.

This is very cool Intellivision item. It’s the Original, complete (with overlays, instructions, box) version of the very first home-brew Intellivision game in cartridge form ever released: 4-Tris.

I bought this in 2001 while attending the Philly Classic convention. Joe Zbiciak, the designer of 4-Tris, was selling a VERY LIMITED number of his complete game. I think there may have been 100 of these original “Philly Classic” versions made. I have the 27th game issued (see pics).

This “Philly Classic” version has a unique screen shot opening to the game and this is different than the 4-Tris re-issue that’s has been released over the last year or two.


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