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Lets Have a Slumber Party! Nintendo Mario Sleeping Bag and Slippers

Oh wow, the ultimate item to have for your collection so you can curl up alone in your parent’s basement next to all of your video game goodies. :-p

It’s a Super Mario Sleeping Bag! (Sold: $43)

Amazingly, I did a search for ‘Nintendo Slippers’ as a joke and there are all kinds out there from Mushrooms and Marios to Yoshis and Warios. I even saw some Raving Rabbids in there…


Official Nintendo Wooden Roll-Top Game Case: I love the bottom stamp…”The Mark of Quality-Dallas, Texas-Made in Thailand.” (Sold: $12:50)

N64 Gift Boxes from Taco Bell (Sold: $3.25)
Mario GBA Target Gift Card: This would be the oddest collection I would love to see; video game related gift cards… actually, now that I think about it I have a gift cart or two from Nintendo World in NYC. I’m thinking that doesn’t make me cool, but I’ll pretend that it does. (Unsold: $.99)


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