Life Size Lynch (of Kane and Lynch Dead Men) Statue

You know, there’s enough video game related full size statues that it would be possible to start collecting them. Ridiculously expensive, but possible nonetheless.

This Lynch is actually pretty ugly, and then game received mixed reviews, so it’s hard to say if anyone would want this. Neat item anyways.

Life Size Lynch of Kane and Lynch Dead Men Statue


Vintage Nintendo Cabinet

I’ve never seen one of these before. I’ve showed it to a few people that are very familiar with vintage Nintendo and they have never seen one so I thinks it’s safe to call it rare. It’s marked “1989 Nintendo of America Inc.” and measures 19 1/2′” wide, 16″ deep and 23″ tall with the wheels. It’s in near mint condition and has a very crisp, clean appearance. The red bars on the shelves are spaced perfectly to lock your system’s legs in place so it won’t slip when you put your game in.

My first thought when I saw this was that they had just stuck some Nintendo stickers on a cabinet but the original owners told me they bought it when they bought the game system. After I fit the games and system in place it became obvious that this was manufactured for the Nintendo NES system. The games and system are not including they are just to show you how nicely everything fits. There are tens of thousands of games and systems out there but when will you see another one of these?


Sealed SNES Space Invaders – $2.25 each!

Sealed NSYNC for the Game Boy Color
– $9.99 BIN!

Sealed Donkey Kong for the Apple II Computer – $9.99 BIN!

Vintage 90s Nintendo Xmas Wrapping PaperRare Nintendo Christmas wrapping paper! This was a promotional giveaway back in the 90’s. It is still sealed, never been opened, so I don’t know the size of the paper. The paper with the systems on it shows Gamecube, Gameboy and Nintendo DS, the character paper shows Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong and others from Mario Kart.

Rare Vintage 90s Nintendo Xmas Wrapping Paper Mario New

Super Famicom SNES 333 Game Lot
– My favorite part of this auction is the awesome stacking job. Three bucks a game ain’t shabby either.

Super Famicom SNES Console 333 Game HUGE Lot JPN


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