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Limited Edition Green Lantern XBOX 360 Contest Prize System

This contest took place from June to July 2011, with ten of these consoles being given away as prizes. Apparently there were three versions, with the third version limited to one copy (according to the auction) and available from a Doritos contest.

Auction Here


Atari 8-bit Ultima 1 – Very nice shape.
Vintage Set of 6 Big Mello Smello Super Mario Large Stickers
Captain N the Gamemaster & Sonic Animation Cels – Seller also has some cool He-Man ones as well. Price is right.
Kid Niki Factory Sealed Nintendo NES
Mega CD 2 Console JP GAME
Sega Game Gear Deep Duck Trouble Promo Sample Sheet – Seller dropped the price on this again. Surprised no one has bit. Has several more too: Echo, Jurassic Park, Aladdin.
Rockman (Megaman) Collection 1-6 JAPAN Famicom – Cool multcart. Rockman 1-6 with a sweet label.
Resident Evil 6 for Xbox 360 Promo Tin – Included are a pair of Capcom earbud covers with Resident Evil 6 logos, two “Polaroid” pre-plague images, a fake newspaper page and a letter written by a survivor.
Video Game Masterpiece Resident Evil 1/6 Scale Posable Figure Jill Valentine
Sweet Home (Nintendo NES) Repo
Nintendo Power Trading Cards Complete Set – Cool but overpriced. There were six perforated cards in certain issues during the early 90’s. There are really only 170 numbered cards in this set, but number 132 has 2 different fronts.
Saints Row 2 Steelbook
Intellivision League Of Light – Limited run of 50.
Intellivision Super Cobra – Sealed.
Gears of War 3 Adam Fenix Hammer of Dawn Blueprint Sheet – I’m tempted to buy this and frame it.
Nice N64 Plus Rare N64 DD Disk Drive System


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