Limited Edition Launch Team XBOX

Only a handful of these systems were produced in 2001, and several sources quote it as being limited to 60 Total. They were only available to staff involved in the actual launch of the XBOX, but sadly, they still had to purchase them (no idea if it was full retail). With the console, they apparently also got their choice of five launch titles which were then marked with the typical “Microsoft Company Store Purchase Not for Resale” stickers.

Xbox Special Edition - Launch Team 2001 - VERY RARE


(Thanks Greg & Rachel)


Advance Wars: Dual Strike (Nintendo DS) Not For Resale – $35.00 BIN

Complete Set Of All Zelda CDI Games incl. Zelda’s Adventure

Tokyo Game Show 1999 Promo Materials, Demo Discs – A lot of 5 Playstation demo discs, 3 of which are from the 1999 Tokyo Game Show plus some fliers, pamphlets and general promo materials from various companies including Sony’s announcement booklet for the PS2. The 3 Tokyo Game Show discs are special editions of the game Omega Boost, Saru Getchu (Ape Escape in the US) and Robbit Mon Dieu (Jumping Flash 3 in the US)/Alundra 2. The other 2 are: a special limited edition “Spring Preview” disc given out by Sony in Japan in 1998 that contains a demo of Metal Gear Solid, and a US Tomba! demo disc.

N-Gage NFR Demos – Tony Hawk, Ashen, or Sims: Bustin’ Out.


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