Lots Of Demos, Repos, Homebrews, New Releases & More

Quite a mixed lot today.

SNES NTF 2.5 Test Cart – Could go cheap, last one went for $81.00.

SNES Donkey Kong Competition Repo – Cool, but I can`t see myself paying $200+ for a repo. (NA Forum)

Exerion 1+2 Combo NES Cart – New Retrozone Release

Ultimate Frogger Champion NES Limited Edition Auction – In snazzy pink case. (NA Forum)

NES Bubble Bath Babes – Mmmm… 8 Bit Boobies.

Big PS1 Collection – 200+ Quality Titles

SNES Super Mario 2 NFR Cart and Donkey Kong Country 3 NFR Cart – Two rarer SNES Not For Resale Games

Hoppin Mad NES Release – Nice quality. Comes with a limited edition, hand numbered copy of the finished version of the previously unreleased game, collector’s tin with Styro, six page colored manual and rubber ball “action figure. (NA Forum)

Atari 2600 Pepsi Invaders – Most likely fake or scam.

Yoshi’s Story International Version – Rarest N64 NFR Cart.

Comple NES Bonks Adventure

Pac-Man For Fairchild Channel F – New release is shaping up nicely. Check the box shots. (AtariAge Forum)

Atari 2600 Phantasm Limited Edition Pre Release – Only one left. (AA Forum)

Classic Video Gamer Magazine – First issue, pre-order available.

Cheap NES Repos – Including Stadium Events. (CTCW)

More Cheap NES Repos


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