Magical Chase Turbo Grafx

First off, let me say that I`m not a TG collector.

I do know however, that Magical Chase is one of the most expensive and rarest games if you`re looking for a complete Hucard collection. This was made harder a few years ago, as one collector starting hoarding copies of the game. Any time it appeared on eBay, he would be bidding. Often driving the game up to extraordinary prices he was willing to pay.

I don`t remember who this was, or when he stopping collecting them. Did they dump them all on the market eventually? I`m not sure, as I don`t monitor TG auctions. For the same reason, I`m not sure what this game is going to end at.

Ralph`s Law of Collecting (I need to write an article on this soon) states that the extreme rarer games will rise in price over time, so I`m thinking it will end at a nice price. I would have said $150 at least in 2004, so who knows now. Keep in mind, it`s only a loose copy.

Magical Chase TG16

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