Mega Man E & Warp Pipe Mugs

Mega Man’s been around since the NES days. It celebrated it’s 20th year back in 2007 and the series is still going strong. In Japan, there’s probably a crap load of merchandise dedicated to this sidescrolling hero. Here in the U.S., we get them pretty rarely. is a site dedicated to bringing quality geek merchandise on the internet. Anything from t-shirts, pins, hats, and handmade products. One of the cool things they sell is the E-Mug. Each E-mug comes with a customized gift box with a cork-backed coaster. The coaster itself is pretty cool.

  • Custom cast ceramic
  • Holds 14 fluid ounces
  • Comes with a custom coaster
  • Blue and black semigloss glaze
  • Special decal print beneath the glaze on the bottom
  • 4.25″ tall
  • 4″ wide (5″ with handle)
  • Dishwasher-friendly
    • We strongly recommend hand washing for a longer lifetime of color.
    • Conversely, its heft may cause it to crush weaker mugs and plates in the dishwasher, so be careful with placement!
  • Microwave-safe – However we don’t recommend constantly nuking your E-Mug if you wish to ensure longitivtiy.

The E-Mug is available in July for $32 USD. They also have Warp Pipe mugs for sale for $34 (also available in July) which comes with a free custom molded rubber coaster (although it doesn’t say which one).


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