Metroid Garage Kits

A garage kit is a homemade scale model usually made of polyurethane resin. Because of the effort required, they are usually produced in limited numbers and tend to be expensive. Some figures are sold completed, but most commonly they are sold in parts for the buyer to assemble and finish.

They are more often produced in Japan, which make them even harder to find and expensive to import.

They are often unlicensed, but in an effort to legitimize amateur garage kit production and sales in Japan, it is not uncommon for license holder to issue ‘single day license’. These licensing agreement are typically negotiated between an event organizer, one popular one being Wonder Festival.

There are two such game related kits on eBay at the moment, both being Metroid related.

[phpbay]metroid garage kit, 5, “”, “”[/phpbay]

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