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Metroid Prime Trilogy: The Untouched By Human Hands Edition

Is it too late for April fools jokes? Maybe not..

The idea of having a pristine copy of a game is probably the best thing to a collector. In the years I’ve collected and sold video games and doing research on eBay, none had a more ridiculous claim than the listing in question in this post. But it is funny. Even more so is the price at $10,000. This is one of the reasons collectors just couldn’t grasp the idea of VGA since most if not all the listings that mentions it is in fact a joke in itself. It would have been great if the seller starts calling it a “specimen”.

I imagine this sellers goes around from store to store asking if the game he wants to buy is untouched by human hands. That or he probably uses one of these to grab the game in hopes that he could claim that it’s untouched by human hands.


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