Michael Jackson’s Video Game Collection

sega genesis dreamcast demo kiosk system Looks like the kind of pop is planning a massive yard sale. From the website of the company hosting the auctions:

An array of treasures from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch ranging from Michael Jackson’s iconic white-jeweled glove to the grandiose entry gates to Neverland Ranch are up for sale in a tour de force auction boasting more than 2,000 items in a live auction conducted by Julien’s Auctions. Beginning with a highlights tour to major cities worldwide, Julien’s Auctions will host a 7 day museum quality exhibition at 9900 Wilshire adjacent to The Beverly Hilton open to the public on Tuesday April 14th through Monday April 20th, the auction begins on Tuesday, April 21st and runs through Saturday April 25th.

Why should you care? Well, just check out Session V: Amusements, Arcade Games and Disneyana.

Seems Jackson was quite the gamer (or had them to attract gamers). Either way, it’s quite an assortment or wonderful things. Most interesting are the ton of demo kiosks. Dreamcast, Virtual Boy, Super Nintendo, Genesis, Nintendo 64, PS1, Sega Saturn and Virtual Boy.

Tons of nice cabinets are available as well. From a six player X-Men to two copies of The Simpsons.

Plus a life sized statute of Lara Croft.

I have just one question, where’s  a copy of Moonwalker?



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