Minecraft Kicks by Kyozokicks

Ahhh yes. Another milestone for a digital-only distributed game. It hurts to say that it works.. Minecraft is another proven formula that a digital-only distributed game could still be quite profitable. That’s why it’s coming to a device near you pretty soon.

Custom footwear maker Kyozokicks made a “Creeper” Van’s sneaker. This custom painted sneaker is one of a kind. The maker points out that “Due to them being such a huge drain as far as time goes (for example the placement of each coloured square had to be considered so no colour was placed beside a square of the same colour on any of the four possible sides – got it?) these Minecraft Vans shall foreseeably be the only ones I ever make.” Kyozokicks has been making custom painted shoes for a while. They made a few video game related ones including Grim Fandango, Legend of Zelda, to Phoenix Wright. Check out this interview by IGN


Sorry for the slow week folks -been busy.. I’ll be back next week with some cool new articles.



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