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MMOBay is a MMORPG auction site where you can buy and sell online accounts for many games, predominately including World of Warcraft. The site is free to list auctions, and they only charge for extra options plus a standard closing fee.

I find it actually pretty interesting to browse the inventory on the site, as prices for WOW accounts are soooo much different than I remember from a few years ago. When I played WOW it was in the first year or two, and pretty much any level 60 character (max at the time) would fetch a couple hundred dollars, even with no good gear (items). Nowadays you can get a Level 80 (max currently) for under $100 with some shopping around. I guess times have changed and over time you have both more supply and less demand for the high level character accounts.

Don’t get me wrong either, because if you have some old WOW characters floating around in your account, it is possible to get some decent coin. There’s several characters up with bids in the $400+ range. My favorite? This dual wielding, fury specked, Elite Warrior.

MMOBay has told me they’ll gladly offer a free $100 sellers account credit to any gameSniped reader who signs up. Just need to leave a comment on this post and after you signup just contact support with your username on this site and theirs.

They’ve also got a new general Video Game section, which may be currently lacking in listings, but is worth a look. With the free seller credit it’s worth a shot to list something and promote yourself. The site already has some nice traffic for their MMO auctions so you might get some nice eyeballs given that there is little current competition for listings.

Check Out MMOBay Here


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