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NES Auctions

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have around 200 auctions ending today. Mostly boxed and complete NES games from my once nearly complete collection.

Anyways, since they’ll be ending tonight, I would showcase a few of the nicer things available.

Sealed NES Games

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 – I think I actually paid around $60 for this one, so it’s pretty cheap at the moment.
Robodemons – It’s pretty hard to find sealed Color Dream games, especially in such nice condition.

There’s also a bunch of other sealed games available including a lot of unlicensed titles. Bee 52, Alien Syndrome, Twin Cobra, Star Soldier and more.

NES Sachen Games

I really regret not picking up a complete Sachen set when I had the chance. I can’t remember the exact price I could have got, but it was definitely dirt cheap considering most Sachen games usually sell for $80.00 – $120.00 lately, or maybe $60.00 if you’re lucky.

Mine are sitting extremely cheap right now, with two under $15, and one at $30.

Q Boy
Penguin & Seal

NES Non US Exclusives

Banana Prince – I think I payed around $100 for this game, and was happy enough to do so. I had been wanting this Scandinavian (I believe) exclusive for some time, and grabbing a complete copy was a dream come true. These don’t pop up very often.
The Smurfs – I was amazing when I got this German Exclusive in the mail. This baby is utterly mint. The insides are absolutely stunning, and the box is minty as well.
Maxi 15
Sidewinder HES – These boxed HES games are awesome because of the HUGE plastic clamshell cases they come in. They look really awesome on a shelf.
Othello HES – Same as above.

General Cool Stuff

I’ve also got some nifty stuff that is semi rare, like a complete Contra Force and a loose Operation Secret Storm (The only NES game to feature Sadam!).

I also have a nice Famiclone, one which I haven’t seen on eBay since I bought it.

There’s lots of other stuff available, so please bid if there’s anything you’re interested in. It’ll help support the site! =)


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