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NES Classics GBA Boxed Set

NES Classics are the Australian and European equilavent of the North American Classic NES Series (Famicom Mini Series in Japan). They’re basically Game Boy Advance ports (I think they’re actually emulated though) of games that were originally released on the original NES / Famicom.

The games also saw two special edition Game Boy Advance SP’s, one which has a similar color pattern to a NES controller and a Famicom counterpart in Japan.

What we have here though, is a limited edition bundle that I haven’t seen before.

Seller doesn’t have much info in the auction, and Goggle has even less. However, after talking to him directly and doing some extensive digging it seems it’s either a prize or some sort of limited edition item on the Nintendo website. There’s not much to go on, so if you have more info please comment.

The box itself has PAL games and manuals are multilanguage like most European games. The seller originally bought it from Germany.

It’s actually very similar to the Famicom Mini Collection boxes, which were available from Club Nintendo. Although the Famicom versions have much better artwork. These don’t pop up much either, as I can only find two copies at the moment – both version three. One which sold for $149, and an active listing for a $239 BIN.

The game themselves are neither rare or expensive, although complete or sealed copies do occasionally fetch a nice premium. Here’s an unboxing video from YouTube.

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