NES Super Mario Bros. 1 & 2 Blister Pack

This guy has switched hands several times (or maybe just has popped up for sale) since it originally surfaced a few years ago.

It’s a pretty unique item and from what I remember it could be the only known one like this.

Up for grabs is a unique and very sought after piece of Nintendo’s history. Originally distributed by Nintendo of Canada, this factory sealed Super Mario Bros. Blister Pack is the only known copy to date. All the rest has apparently been opened and played, making this one an unique collectible piece and a holy grail of sealed Canadian items.

Another notable singularity with this Blister is that Super Mario Bros. 2’s box has the “NES Red Bar” at top, just like most late NES releases. This being said, good luck finding a SMB 2 box like this one, and imagine how hard it would be to find a brand new copy of this unusal variation. Well, this crazy rare CAN variation is unopened and still bundled with its fellow companion.

Both games inside Blister are in incredible condition, although Super Mario Bros. has a few small corner imperfections. Other than that, those are true Dead Mint copies. The Blister itself has actually seen better days, but is still all there and 100% unopened. Most apparent damages are noticeable on sides and corners. There’s also some wear to plastic surfaces, but nothing really bad. All in all, it’s in pretty nice condition and impossible to find in better shape than this one. A true one of kind item for the hardcore Nintendo collector. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!


NES Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2 Blister Pack


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