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NES The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak is a $2,000 Game CIB

Games like this make me both sad and happy. For those of you that don’t know, once upon a time I was a hardcore NES collector. I had mabye 20-50 carts left for a complete set and the heavy hitters were out of the way. Around half was CIB and between the set, traders, pirates, homebrews, variants and regional carts I had over 2000 NES games.

This was six or seven years ago and since that time NES collecting has really exploded. This makes me happy that I don’t need to pay prices like this if I was still collecting AND sad that I sold out before things really took off. Anyways, enough reminiscing.

Anyways, the rarity behind this gem come from the assumption that this was a rental only exclusive. It’s considered by many to be the second rarest commercially-released licensed title for the NES (behind Stadium Events).

Completed Auction Here – $1,895.00 actually, but close enough to $2,000.00. A much worse condition copy sold in October for $1,525.00. Given that at latest copy didn’t have the greatest box, it seems a minty copy would break $2,000.00.

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