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Nintendo 64 Zelda Majora’s Mask Limited Edition Adventure Pack N64

I`ve wrote about this a few times, but love it when one pops up. It`s an European released with only 1,000 units.

It includes:

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask PAL Game
Music of the Ancients (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Orginal Soundtrack)
Mystic Clocktown Watch
Majora’s Magic Robe T-shirt
Eternal Power Padge (Pin)
Badge of Braveness (Pin)
Mysterious Wallpaper
Mark of the Chosen Sticker
Certificate of Authenticity

Auction Here – 982 of 1000

More N64 Stuff:

4x Boxed Australia N64 Controllers – Grape, Ice, Jungle & Fire. These are of the Australian region, the only region that saw the release of these Funtastic series of controllers in a cardboard box. North America saw them released in plastic blister packs, whereas the other regions didn’t even get them. This seller knows hot to take pictures.
Donkey Kong 64, Nintendo Power 100, Millennium 2000 N64 Controller – These three promotional controllers were only available through Nintendo Power. DK64 was yellow with brown tips resembling bananas, NP100 was a regular gold controller with a “Nintendo Power 100” sticker on top (made to celebrate the magazine’s 100th issue) and M2000 was a silver controller with black buttons and was printed with the words “Millennium 2000”. This is the only controller which has differently coloured buttons.
N64DEV V3 Cart – Dated 1998 and from RARE.
Complete Nintendo 64 Video Game Collection – Cool, but overpriced at $5,000.00. This loose set has already been re-listed a bunch of times.
N64 Perfect Dark Sealed – Seller has a ton of these at $20.00.


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