Nintendo Promos, Oh My!

While doing a quick sweep of ebay before taking off for the night, I noticed that there are quite a number of promotional items up for sale at the moment, and for reasonable prices to boot! I’ll stick with some of the more practical items…

Conker's Glass-Know someone who likes beer? Now you can spur on their drinking habit and make sure they are getting tanked in style with this Conker’s Bad Fur Day Mug (Sold: $28)

-Never be in the dark again with this Wiimote Keychain w/ Light

-Shield out the sun (and possibly dinosaurs) with this stylish Turok 2 Hat (Sold: $4.99)

SNES Shirt-I’m hoping this Super Nintendo Shirt really is some sort of promo item as I would hope nothing this terrible looking would have been made recently. (Unsold: $12.99)

-Â Lastly, you can take the liberty to cool yourself (or a close friend) down with this N64 Japanese Fan! (Sold: $4.95)

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