Nintendo Super Famicom Box Hotel Console

The Super Famicom Box was a special Super Famicom hardware system that utilized special cartridges and was used in hotels. This is the first one I’ve seen listed at open auction instead of overpriced bin in some times.

Auction here


PS2 Metal Gear Solid 2 Premium Package

PS1 Metal Gear Solid Premium Package
Intellivision League Of Light Activision HomebrewSonic the Hedgehog Sega Letterman Jacket
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Limited Edition Coin – 1 of 5000 and they were given out at a department store called Zellers exclusive to Canada.
Handmade Minercraft Creeper Plush
SEGA Genesis 32X Spider-Man: Web of Fire Complete – One of the rarer 32X releases.
Evangelion 2.0 Mari Premium Figure Sega Set

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