Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Triforce Pin NSider Sage Gift Promo

Up for sale is the extremely rare NSider Sage Pin, it was distributed by Nintendo of America to special-ranked members, called Sages, of the official Nintendo Nsider forums, which were shut down on September 17, 2007.

Sages were described as “users who have distinguished themselves as productive and noble members of the NSider Community” and therefore “were eligible to gain a special status that is accompanied by many benefits.” To become a Sage, users must have been selected by the Nintendo of America (NOA) staff, and prove their worthiness by submitting a three hundred word or less review of any Nintendo game.

There were only 50-150 Sages.

This is not to be confused with an almost identical Triforce pin which was sold at the Nintendo World Store. The difference between the official, non-sold one and the Nintendo World one is that the Nintendo World Triforce Pin has kanji on each of the triangles, while the Sage Triforce Pin has no kanji. However, the case for the Sage Triforce Pin has a printed image of the Triforce on the front which has kanji on it.

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Burn-In/Test Cartridge (Super Nintendo) – Super, super cheap. Not for long I guess.
Xbox 360 NHL 12 with Custom Winnpeg Jets Cover Signed by Evander KaneEA and Future Shop had a great promotion last year for the release of this game, and to celebrate the return of the Winnipeg Jets. In Winnipeg, I lined up at Future Shop for hours to have this signed by Evander Kane, but even better, it came with a custom Winnipeg Jets cover instead of the usual one (the regular one is included as well behind the Jets one). Great item, very rare, they estimated about 200 of these were signed & sold.
Super Mario World 2 – Yoshi’s Island Big Box PAL – Another (currently) cheap game.
Sealed NES Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning LithographThis lithograph was included in Signature Edition and Collector’s Edition copies of the game sold ONLY by now defunct 38 Studios. Those editions were limited to 300 and 700 copies, respectively. Thus, there only 1,000 of these rare lithographs made. It was signed and numbered by Ken Rolston and is still in the original plastic wrapping, which has been placed safely in the frame (which is a bit too small). Rolston was the lead designer of the game.
Journey to the Promised Land (PC) IBM – ARKade Games – I can’t see this selling. From the seller: I originally did some research on the Internet to determine more information about it, but I have only found vague references to a PC bible game from about 20 years ago on a couple of Catholic Church websites. Other than that, I know little to nothing about the original developer or the game, etc.. The back of the game provides the company’s old telephone number, which is no longer any good. The companies that were involved with the game (from what I’ve gathered) are ARK Multimedia Publishing and ARKade Games.
Bioshock Infinite Poster from PAX 2011 – The poster shows off Booker and Elizabeth (main characters from the game, produced and distributed by 2K Games and was handed out at the PAX convention in 2011.
Olly Moss signed Low Poly Print of Cloud – This is an extremely rare print that was hand-signed and numbered by Olly Moss at the 2012 SDCC earlier this year. Only 100 of these were printed and signed, so they are extremely limited and rare. This one is numbered in the 40s, so it is relatively low.

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