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Nintendo World Championships 1990 NWC NES Controller Player #1 Pad

At the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, players played on special competition game stations. On the tour, some of these stations had special NWC control pads. These controllers were like a normal NES pad, except the face featured a design with the Nintendo World Championships logo, and a large number in the upper right corner: 1, or 2. Presumably this was done so that the tour crew would be able to easily tell which controller the player would use (#1) and which one the crew could use to start the game on a game station (#2). As the tour progressed, these controllers became increasingly rare as pads broke down after public use and normal ones replaced them on the game stations.

Auction Here – In 2011 one sold for $1,675.00.

Another seller has posted a set of Controller #1 and #2 here. VGA Graded, with a high asking price.

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