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 These Nintendo Power 100 Issue Coins were available for a limited time via Nintendo Power’s Super Power Supplies Catalog (Which you can view here) that commemorated the 100th issue of NP Magazine. Each of the three coins share the same back stamp, but show a different iconic character on the front (Mario adorns the gold coin, DK is on the silver and Yoshi is on the bronze). Now, while you could have originally paid $30 to get these bad boys, the price hasn’t really inflated much to the point of rediculousness like other merchandise has (auctions have ended with a starting price of $100 with no bids). There are so many little subsets and niches people can collect; I would love to see someone piece together a NP100 collection! Sadly, while I’d like to feature some more NP100 items for auction, I can’t seem to find any–I must be losing my touch!

NES Era Sticker Store Display: Lenticular….display….:faints:
Killer Instincts Promotional Leather Vest: Any motorcycle riders frequent this forum? You know you would look totally rad in this!
Super Punch-Out!! Boxing Glove Keychain
SNES Burn-In Test Cart:Â Overpriced and the label looks rough, but this is the genuine label for the revB revision of this test cart.Â
Topps Nintendo Card and Candy Ads
Lost in Blue 2 Stylus Promo:Â I’ve always thought about collecting the different Styli that came out as promos for the DS…I bet it would make an interesting collection!
Promotional Wii, GC, DS & GBA Posters:Â The majority of these were meant to be used at Toys R Us when they had their R-Zone setup.
GBA & GBC Store Displays:Â Also from Toys R Us featuring Mario, Wario, Pikachu, Kirby and some random person from an RPG!


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