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Ocarina of Time 3D displays and some other Nintendo ones

A lot of displays showed up on eBay over the past 2 weeks. People must be cleaning up their attics or something.

Super Mario World Banner Display – $200 BIN w/ BO
Yoshi’s Story Standee – $200 BIN w/ BO
Nintendo Sticker Display (80’s includes Punch Out, Zelda & Mario) – outragous
Inflatable Hanging Mario Sign – $194.50 so far
Mario Chair – $150 w/ BO
Kirby Avalanche Course still in box sign – $149
Download Station Display w/ Pokemon black and white – $60 free shipping (this is cheap)

Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D displays

Tower display – $100
Hanging display – $81.42 so far, this ones really nice from the UK. Another one for almost the same price BIN.
Oversized Box Display – $25 no bids
Ganondorf Display – $34 UK seller
Zelda on a horse hanging display – $81
Iron Knuckle Display – low bids, UK seller
Stalfos – low bids
Skull Kid – low bids
Darunia Goron Display – $17 so far, UK
Armos display – low bids

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