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Official Wishtech N64 Adaptoid NIB – N64 to PC Controller Adaptor

The Adaptoid is great little device. It’s an N64 to PC controller adapter which works reliably and boasts better features than most controller adapters. It can be used to transfer save games from a Memory Pak to the PC, it supports force feedback with the Rumble Pak, it has a keymapper, and it even converts the round field of the analog stick to a square for the PC (meaning you can hit all four corners without needing to recalibrate).

It has a bit of a sorted history as well. After being produced by Wish Technologies, Inc from 1999-2002, the company went out of business in 2002. Obviously, this resulted in the Adaptoid becoming somewhat rare and hard to find.

What they did though, was sell the rights for the device to the company ZTNet. They in turn, did a couple of runs which sold out almost immediately.

One the last run however, they took pre-orders, promising to ship them as soon as the production run was completed. If for any reason the run could not be completed, all customers were to be refunded in full. To date however, none of them have been shipped, with no updates on their progress since April 30, 2008.

The auction says Wisetech, but I’m told by someone else that they think this is from the second (and I think last) run that ZTnet sold.

Generally loose ones have sold for $100-$150 in the past, with some in rough shape going for less. The most recent boxed one sold managed to get $192.00.

Auction Here – There’s also a boxed one at the moment, with a starting BID of $150.

(Thanks Jason!)


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