OMG Atari.

You know, sometimes I’m tempted to keep some auctions for myself. But I post them anyway.

This time I am really really tempted, but the items you’re going to see wouldn’t pass unnoticed anyway.

Please, check what Jaysmith2000 is selling

Probably milk chocolate. As you can see, time and climate changes made the cocoa butter emerge: during the conching process the cocoa powder and his butter are melted in a smooth mass with uniform color. Time and changes in temperature may damage a little bit the smoothness.

This is just a sample. Buy the lot and you can be J. Tramiel, with complete desk, while your best friend can be your personal security guard!

Man, I need more money, more money…it’s all so fetish…

…but Mr. Smith has also some proto & unreleased stuff for sale:

Atari Jaguar Music Module Prototype PCB
A little useless but cool.

Atari Jaguar American Hero Sales Sheet – Unreleased

Atari Cosmos Superman Overlay – Prototype Unreleased
Holographic power for your Cosmos! If you’ve got one.


Today everything else looks so usual…

Nintendo NTF2 Test Cartridge

Sonic Original Animation Cel

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.

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