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Part of my personal collection on eBay

I’ve decided to abandon my complete NES collection a couple years ago, and focus on both games that I actually play, as well as really rare items that you don’t see every day.

Since then, I’ve been parting out items here and there, not really in any rush to dump it all.

Finally however, I’ve listed every single boxed and complete NES game I have left on eBay. There’s a solid 100+, including both rare and hard to find games, as well as commons in great condition. Check out my eBay store if you’re interested.

They’re all seven day auctions ending next Sunday. Highlights include Sachen games, Contra Force, PAL Only Exclusives and lots more. Nothing absolutely insane, but lots of solid items. Especially if you’re a NES collector.

I’ll be highlighting a few things that are pretty neat, and you don’t see everyday over the next week.

Take a look and help me out! =)

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