Peter Moore & J Allard XBOX 360 Launch Items

November 20, 2005 – History was made in the Mojave desert. Microsoft officially launched the Xbox 360 console during a 2-day event called, “Zero Hour”. Hosting the activities were J Allard and Peter Moore – both of whom have since moved on. Peter Moore previously launched the Sega Dreamcast and now runs EA Sports. J Allard is working on something so awesome and cutting edge you can’t even begin to understand what it is you don’t understand about it. It’s very cool and from the future I suspect. J Allard also recently worked on a beautiful Microsoft tablet that was canceled. I’m very sad about that.

More info on the Zero hour event here.

This auction Includes:

1. Signed J Allard Xbox Business card
2. Xbox 360 Memory Card signed by J Allard and Peter Moore
3. Zero Hour limited edition Face Plate
4. Zero Hour Xbox 360 Gray Hoodie signed by J Allard and Peter Moore
5. Zero Hour Survival Kit handed out to attendees
6. RARE E3 2005 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Faceplate signed by J Allard
7. ULTRA-RARE X05 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Faceplate signed by J Allard (only one)
8. ONE OF A KIND (Seriously) custom made certificate by me stating how awesome you are for winning this auction.

Auction Here (Thanks Alec!)

Also 50% of the final auction price will be donated to the Brian Wood memorial trust. If you`re not familiar with the man, he`s a game designer who recently passed, and in doing so, saved the lives of his wife and child.

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