Phantom 2049 Sega Mega Drive Big Box Limited Edition

Sega released a special edition version of this game for the Mega Drive in Australia, most likely due to the character’s popularity there. In addition to the game, it contained a set of the Phantom Glow Zone stickers and a Phantom keyring. These are hard to find period, even more so with all the items and in good condition.

Auction Here – Already this is a lot more than the copy that sold quite a few months back for $275.02.


Pokemon Deoxys Distribution Cart Diamond & Pearl Nintendo DS
God of War III Press Kit – The whole box is fabricated from solid wood with a unique hand-painted red stripe on the front; this red painting is different on every copy. After removing the lid you can see a thin brochure for explaining the game’s new features along with some great artworks and screenshots. Under the brochure there is a containder divided into three parts. One holds the small-sized art cards with a God of War III logo on their back and artworks with a golden frame on the front. There is also a small metal coin in the box with Kratos’s face. In the other containers you can discover the dark game disc and light media disc. The last piece of the package is a small poster tied together with a bloddy textile.
The Diamond Trust of London Limited Edition #358 out of 1000 Nintendo DS – These came from Kickstarter and are starting to show up on eBay. Not really selling yet though. Regular versions are available too.
SNES Fun N Games – Looks like this one might be starting to move finally. I know several people who have been hoarding these for years.
Bio Shock 2 Promo Booklet
Prey XBOX 360 Faceplate – This plate was made for E3 2006 and was placed onto the Xbox 360 consoles that were showing off Human Head and 3D Realms latest game. After the event, they were given to members of the development team. These were never offered to the public, never sold in stores. Numbers are very limited, estimated to be about ten in total. This particular copy was bought from a sales associate who worked for 3D Realms years ago.
Signed Autographed Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Collector’s Edition PS3 – Signed cover to cover by the entire Relic development team of the game. This was purchased via Child’s Play Charity Auctions a year or so back.
Turok: Rage Wars Gray Cart Rare (Nintendo 64, 1999) N64 Grey Cartridge
Sealed NES Castlevania II
Assassin’s Creed ALTAIR Collectors Figure
Donkey Kong Country Jacket “The Beast Is Back” Rare Promotional Coat


Donkey Kong N64 NFR Demo
Signed Autographed – Twisted Metal Insert


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