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Plants vs Zombies Figures, Trading Cards & Plushies

Plants vs Zombies is one of my all time favorite games. If you haven`t played it yet, go and download it. I actually own in for PC, DS, XBOX and iPad. Suffice to say I`m a fan.

I just recently noticed that there`s some merchandise of the characters from the game showing up. I have my doubts if any of these are licensed, but they`re awesome.

19 PCS Plants Vs Zombies Figure Set

Plants vs Zombies Plush Cushions – Includes Zombie, Squash, Watermelon, Chomper & Peashooter. Seller also has stuff like a Pumpkin Ashtray and Cob-Cannon Savings Box.

Set Of 6 Plush Toys – Peashooter, Sunflower, Wall-nut, Kernel-pult, Cherry Bomb and Jalapeno.

Gray Head Zombie Plush Toy

Plants vs. Zombies Chinese Trading Cards

I found these Chinese Plants vs. Zombies trading cards in the back of an obscure, dusty shop in rural China (kind of like that scene in the beginning of the Gremlins movie). There is nothing else like them being sold on eBay or anywhere else on the internet! Check for yourself. These cards are truly rare and nearly impossible to find.

These are UNOPENED, brand-new, mint-condition cards. 10 cards per cellophane rack pack. The packs were glued onto a cardboard display (standard in China to prevent theft), so there is an unavoidable sticky residue strip on the back of each cellophane wrapper, however the cards themselves are untouched. The cellophane wrappers are sealed only with a gluey film (unlike traditionally sealed trading card packs), however the rack residue runs veritcal down the full length of the outside of the wrapper, which guarantees that these packs have never before been opened or searched.

The cards themselves are small, approximately 2″ x 1.5″. They are full-color, with a Plants vs. Zombies “hand” logo on the back. 1 hologram card per pack (you can see this effect in the above image #3). Each card features a different character from the video game (8 zombie cards, 2 plant cards (image #4), 1 miniature bonus card (image #5), along with character strength stats, a unique code number (example “PVZ-053”) and a card number. The character’s name and stats are written in CHINESE script, which makes these cards even more collectable.

DISCLAIMER: I can not verify if these cards were licensed officially by PopCap, or if they are after-market merchandise. Nor is there any issue date printed on the cards (my guess – 2009-2010). Nonetheless, sheer scarcity makes these cards highly valuable. They are a must-have for any collector of obscure, hard-to-find trading cards or Plants vs. Zombies fans.

There`s also a bunch of cool PvZ T-Shirts.

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