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Promotional N64 Nintendo Power Controllers

Want to start collecting LE N64 controllers? How about grabbing three of the greatest rarities in one swoop?

The auction includes the Millennium 2000 Controller, the Nintendo Power 100 Gold Controller, and the DK 64 Banana Controller.

The Millennium controller is a solid (opaque) two-tone controller. The top half of the controller is a unique metallic silver – unlike any other N64 controller ever manufactured – and has a plug at the end of the cord of the same color. The bottom half of the controller is also a unique solid “glossy” black – different from the shell color of Black of the Solid Colors. This particular controller was available only as a giveaway by Nintendo Power Magazine at the start of the year 2000. Inside the front cover of Issue #128 (January ’00) was the advertisement for the contest. Nintendo Power gave away these controllers to 1,000 subscribers who entered into the giveaway drawing after sending in their name, address, phone number, and Member Number on a 3″ x 5″ card.

The Nintendo Power 100 controller is a solid (opaque) gold color around the shell. It was offered as an exclusive orderable item to Nintendo Power readers/subscribers in September 1997. Subscribers received a copy of “Nintendo Power’s 100th Issue Commemorative Super Power Supplies” catalog along with Issue #100 (September ’97). This “Fall 1997” catalog contained numerous items that commemorated the 100th issue of Nintendo Power with logos that celebrated the magazine’s publication milestone. On page 2 of the catalog was the “NP100 GOLD N64 CONTROLLER” available to be purchased/ordered for $30/CAN $46. The ammount of copies created is unknown.

The Bannana controller was offered as an exclusive bonus item to new Nintendo Power readers/subscribers between December 1999 and February 2000. The promotion was advertised on an insert just inside the cover of Issue #127 (December ’99), Issue #128 (January ’00), and Issue #129 (February ’00). The insert described two separate promotions. First was the “Jungle Pak” (offer #3289) which was a limited-time offer that expired on 2/29/00 and was available only for phone-in, credit card orders only. The other was the “Banana Pak” (offer #3290) which could be placed either via phone, mail order form, or at The DK64 logo is imprinted in red on the face of the controller and the tips are colored and designed to look like the ends of bananas.


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