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PS3 Beta Discs

Currently up for grabs on Chase The Chuckwagon are three Ps3 Beta (Prototype, Review) Discs.

Available are Motorstorm, Mortal Kombat VS DC and Mega Man 9. The later is the most interesting.

mega man 9 prototype review beta disc

Now…I know some of you are thinking, “What? Mega Man 9 was released as a downloadable game only…why does this disc exist?” I thought of this myself the first time I saw it… The only explanation I could devise for this is that perhaps the developers needed a way to get the game from one computer/debug station to another, so they just simply burnt a disc (since blank DVDs are cheaper than comparable-capacity flash drives) and took it along with them. If nothing else, this is one very interesting conversation piece (a download-only game on a disc…who knew?).



69 Nintendo DS Promo Collection – The pictures here excite me.

Brazillian NES & SNES Games – I plugged Sonic 4 earlier, but just realized the seller has a couple of others.


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