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Uncharted 2 & Heavy Rain PS3 Media Kits

One of the best games I played (probably one of the only a few) last year was Uncharted 2 for the Playstation 3. They really went all out on a very limited set and is probably one of the most expensive sets of last year. Since the hype for it has died down a bit, it’s probably best to get the Fortune Hunter set around this time since summer usually brings alot of the prices down for most games. With that said, today’s find is a nice set of Media Kit for Uncharted 2 which consist of

– UNCHARTED 2 : AMONG THIEVES “Game”, review code – PAL version with full game

– MEDIA DISC : – Character renders
– Concept Art
– Final Logo
– game packshot
– Renders
– Screenshots
– Trailers

– 20 Art cards in English and 1 RED Decoder Card
– Yellow envelope and Red Ribbon.

This same seller also has a Heavy Rain Media Kit though not as elaborate as the Uncharted 2 Media Kit.

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