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Ed Webb have been customizing faceplates for some time now. He’s created some of the best looking faceplates out there. Believe it or not, there is a market for these custom faceplates as well as other unique and original promotional faceplates given by publishers and developers (ie. Bioshock faceplate, etc.). At a 2008 quote from Original Xbox Magazine, “I attended Zero Hour at the 360 launch, when the idea of personalized plates was new,” says Ed Webb, a 41-year-old Xbox MVP better known as SpaceGhost2K. “Time has passed, and the only personalization I’ve seen is people deciding which corporate plate they want on their ’box. That’s not ‘personal’ to me.” He showed off a chunck of his personalized faceplates at the Microsoft store event in Mission Viejo, CA back in August.

(picture courtesy of Insidethecircle)

Seller big_buz_blue has 2 Halo 3 custom faceplates designed by Ed Webb. The price is a little steep but here’s what’s included:

– Unique Xbox 360 Halo 3 faceplate with “battle damage” ( in art context )Â – The Halo faceplate has been made with 3 other similar sets in different color: red, blue and transparent ( those are owned by someone else, not me )

– Set of one unique with “battle damage” ( in art context ) green Master Chief Kubrick with a gun and frag grenade ( not in the picture .. I’ll upload picture of the frag grenade later )

– Xbox 360 Halo 3 missile case with soft padding to store the faceplate, Master Chief and the frag grenade

– Unique Xbox 360 Covenant faceplate

All items are in MINT condition.

Next up is a lot of 2 rare original Xbox: Limited Edition Halo 2 Clear Blue Xbox with an upgraded 120gb HDD and a 1st Anniversary Edition Smoke Black Xbox from Japan. Both systems are in one listing. The xboxes are a little dusty but considering the rarity of these things, I don’t think you’d mind.

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