Rare Korean Sega Master System Games

Long time readers of gameSniped know I have a fondness for Korean stuff. Seller mltvwrs has a ton of it, mostly Sega. While there are a few things I like there, what is most interesting are the auctions which have ended.

Case in point, this Dodgeball King 7-in-1 Sega Master System SMS Mark III 3 Korea Korean Exclusive, which sold for $355. All 7 of the games included on it were exclusively developed and released in Korea, most by the company Open.

Toto World III sold for $285. The case of this game has a special size and is a little smaller than most SMS releases. The publisher DAOU Infosys made their own cases that were a little bit slimmer and could be used for both SMS and Famicom releases.

Dallyeora Pigu Wang Run Dodgeball sold for $255.00. This is a Dodgeball game. It was originally a Japanese game, but apparently some Korean sellers imported them in the black market and turned them into a Megadrive bulit-in arcade machine. Prompting success and a Korean release.

Super Game 270 seems to be a multicart with a SG-1000 and MSX releases. It sold for $202.50.

Lastly, Samgukji III sold for $102.50.

Other Korean Auctions still going:

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