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Rare Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons Promotional Mug

Some Zelda stuff is getting crazy these days – like Earthbound level crazy. From the guy who sold the $1,800 Zelda Scroll awhile back is comes this Zelda Promotional Mug. It`s a cool item in that it has color change heat effects and sections are embossed (raised). It`s also an undocumented promotional item according to the Videogame Memorabilia Museum forum, and it has never come to auction. Could be pricey.

Auction Here


Nintendo Vest – I wish the seller had better photos of this, as I feel compelled to bid. It`s Nintendo demonstrator or employee Vest from the early-mid 90’s. It has “Ask Me About” then lists the Super Nintendo, Virtual Boy and Gameboy.

1997 Nintendo 64 Flasher Mario Wristwatch Kellogg Mail Order Premium
– While I seriously doubt it will hit the value of the last watch we featured (the Sonic Employee only watch), this looks like an interesting item for a merchandise collector. It`s got a Nintendo 64, Mario flasher dial, goldtone bezel and black leather band. The watch appears to have never been used, it still has the protective film over the crystal.

Gears of War 3 Presents UFC 135 Bandana – From UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage last month. Looks like there were also Dog Tag promos done as well.

This seller has a lot of Activision High Score Patches. Activision gave these iron-on patches to players who achieved winning scores in games and sent in photos of their scores back in the Atari heydays.

Nintendo Bow Biters Shoe Lace Locks – Limbfunk wrote an article about these and other weird merch a couple years ago. For $10 I can honestly see someone opening them and using them.

Vintage Q-Bert Plush – Tag is trashed, but it`s still there.

Vintage Mortal Kombat Banner – Promotes Sept. 13th Mortal Monday. I laughed at this part though: it is either cloth or vinyl or I am not sure.

Another Sealed GBC Shantee – I`m really starting to think this is not as rare as some people make out.

Metal Gear Solid Trading Card
– Autographed by Hideo Kojima. Very little authentication, I`ll wait for someone to weigh in on the signature.


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