Resident Evil Mansion Key from the 1996 Tokyo Game Show

Durring the 1996 Tokyo Game Show, atendee were randomly given one of four authentic Capcom 1:1 scale replicas of the Mansion Keys that were present in the origional game. The fours keys were Helmet, Shield, Sword and Armor and the look complely identical to their in game counterparts.

Now, there is minimal info on the web about these and even less refrences for me to draw a price conclusion. Bottom line is they`re stupid rare. The seller states that the last complete set they saw on eBay sold for over $2100 in 2004. Another person on a forum mentions they paid $600 for their set years ago, another person offered up a $1500 bounty. Right now the auction has a $400 opening bid and a $500 BIN.

Auction For The Mansion Key Here


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