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Retrozone 16 BIT & 8 BIT XMAS 2011 Carts Released (SNES & NES)

Retrozones annual Christmas cartridge has finally hit their shelves and this year, there’s also a SNES cart!

Both games feature lots of blinking LEDs on the carts (top loader recommended) and contain original homebrews.

The SNES game is Christmas Craze, where you dodge aliens and grab gifts or fight your friends with snowballs in two player present picking battles. When you gather presents in the game the lights dance with the sound effects.

The NES game is a four-player brick breaking party game that doubles as a lovely musical 8-bit fireplace background. When you defend your fireplace the blinky lights changes to your player color.

They are nifty little homebrews for $39.00 a pop and come with the option to add your own personalized in game text on the title screen. To date, every single Retrozone XMAS release has retained its value and increased significantly as newer collectors look for the older versions.


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