Rockman Megaman Sineca Taiwan Handheld

I`d love to know more about this, but there is almost zero information on the web. It seems to be a LCD Pirate handheld released around the time of Megaman 3, as some of the characters on the box are Hard Man, Magnet Man, Shadow Man, and Proto Man. Also, it seems Sinece released at least two other titles, Gundam and Bubble Bobble.

Auction Here


Maximum Force Sega Saturn PAL Sealed(Thanks Cees)
Complete Skylander Chase Set – Glow, Clear, Crystal, Silver, Gold, etc. Serious who collects these? Over $2,500.
Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition XBOX 360 – #267 out of 1000
Gameboy Light Pokemon Center – Limited Edition Japanese system.
Sony PlayStation Games Convention 2007 Digital Press Kit – Disc with Trailers/Concept Artwork/High-Res Screenshots/Rendering etc. Seller has many similar Playstation Discs.
Nintendo Chiritori Chiritorie チリトリー Vacuum – This is one of the famouns Nintendo Chiritorie (or Chiritori) vacuum units from Japan. It was released in 1979 and it’s considered to be one of the Holy Grails for Nintendo toy collectors. Very nice condition.
Sega Saturn Promo Silvers


193 NES Empty Box Lot – I had bids in on this, but it went for waaaay more than I expected.

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