Sega Genesis GAME FACTORY BLUE & GAME FACTORY GREEN Blockbuster Video Game Cartridges

Looks like the price has finally gone up a bit on these.

Blockbuster Game Factory was a service offered in 1994. Blockbuster would offer consumers the Sega Mega Drive games of their choice, which they would flash over dial-up onto a reprogrammable cartridge. The idea behind the service was that Blockbuster would have the entire Mega Drive software library available to rent, ending the problem of not being able to find a game to rent because someone else already rented it. The service was successful at first, but the combination of slow speed of dial-up (causing consumer satisfaction to drop) and issues licensing games for release caused the service was discontinued.

It is unknown if the service had any exclusive games, alternate revisions of existing games, was available outside the United States, or covered other consoles. It is also unknown if the cartridges had any data on them before being flashed with a game.

There has also been a long rumored Red Version, but one has never shown up.

Auction Here. This seller also has Green Carts for $40.00.


Silent Hill Movie Trailer 35mm – Theatre used theatrical trailer for the first Silent Hill.
Borderlands 2 Claptrap Cinch Bag
Very Expensive Atari Standees – Raiders Of The Lost Ark, E.T, Megamania & Pitfall. Thanks Scott!
Mortal Kombat Promotional Press Kit – Press-only at a Mortal Kombat tournament prior to release.
Game Boy and Test Cartridge – Haven’t seen one of these listed in ages.
Pokemon Distribution Cart Zoroark Nintendo DS NDS Demo
Mafia II Gun Lamp Plus Pin-up Calendar – The lamp was created to promote the release of Mafia II and was designed to look like a model M1911 pistol, similar to the one in the game. The piece is signed and numbered under the base and only 250 of these made. Also included is an unused Mafia II Pin-Up Calendar for 2010.
Three Resident Evil T-Shirts – Darkside Chronicles, Outbreak File #2, Leon 4 5 6 – I miss Outbreak, that was an awesome game.
Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Promo Bag
Atari 5200 ASTRO GROVER – Released at the 2012 Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Limited Edition #3 out of 50. This is a copy of an unreleased one-of-a-kind prototype from 1983.
PAX Prime Penny Arcade 2012 Mixed Swag Bag – Highlight is the limited run XCOM T-Shirt.
Assassin’s Creed 3 Promo x3 Necklace w/ Box and Letter – Assassin’s Creed III Promo Necklace’s, in original box with the letter that was sent to managers of Gamestop.
The King of Fighters 2001 (Neo Geo AES) KOF ’01
Star Fox Super Nintendo SNES Demo Not for Resale Cartridge
Relisted Captain N the Gamemaster DIC seal Original Animation Art


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