Shirt.Woot: Rosie the Retrogamer features one new shirt everyday and they cost $10 USD (free shipping to US). I’ve always wanted to feature them because they usually have a video game related t-shirt every few weeks. The shirts featured only last until the end of the day so if you like what you see better hurry and get yourself one before it sells out. You can still buy these shirts the following day but at $15 each. Head over to for more details..

update: somehow the text got deleted. sorry about that.

Wear this shirt: when you have all your friends over to watch Fred Savage in THE WIZARD.

Don’t wear this shirt: if you’re just watching Fred Savage in THE WIZARD by yourself, though. Why bother getting all dressed up if no one’s coming over? You’ll just get Dorito dust all over your clean laundry. Everyone knows the proper uniform for watching THE WIZARD alone is underwear you slept in and a filthy bathrobe.

This shirt tells the world: “Any boss you can beat I can beat faster. I can beat any boss faster than you.”

We call this color: Gee!! I Wish I Were a Man—I’d Join The Navy

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