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Signed Limited Edition Maziora Sega Dreamcast

The Maziora Dreamcast was the first limited edition DC made by Sega, released in August 1999, and was restricted to only 500 units, 200 of which were signed. The Dreamcast comes in a TVR style paintjob with a “twotone” greeny/purpley effect (occasionally yellow too depending on lighting conditions) and also has the Maziora logo on both the orange box and the DC itself.

Maziroa actually refers to the paint job, which is an automobile paint pigment. ChromaFlair is the registered trademark I believe, and it is just marketed under the Maziora name in Japan.

I’m have no idea on the numbers in collectors hands, but have only mentioned ones for sale twice previously in the history of gameSniped.

I also do not have any figures for previous sales, but know they have gone for $1,000.00 – $2,000.00+ depending on signed or unsigned, condition and what is included.


Thanks Photoboy!


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