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Sony Gran Turismo 4 Limited Edition Press Kit

There were limited to only 4,000 were made and given exclusively to the European press for review of the game. The kits not available to the general public and some journalists were asked to return them to Sony.

Included are:

– Bespoke Box with engrave Edition Number
– Promo Game Disc
– Press Assets Disc
– Racing Calendar
– Passport containing Images
– Official Launch Certificate
– Book entitled Driving the Game

Last last one sold for just over $300, but that was amidst high concerns it was a fake.

Auction Here


Star Fox: Super Weekend Competition Cartridge – I should have stocked up on these years ago when they were super cheap.
Nice Boxed Sega Menacer Light Gun – Only $1.00.
Spud’s Adventure Nintendo Game Boy With Manual – Could see a good price after the recent CIB. Seller also has Spy vs. Spy. Another decent rarity when CIB.
Nintendo GameCube Kiosk – Pickup only in Milroy, Pennsylvania.
Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition – Relisted. Currently cheap and no reserve. 267 out of 1000.
SEGA Dreamcast Accessory Lot – If you are in the market for something like this, could be a great deal.
Nintendo Ultra 64 Hat – From before the N64 was renamed. Cool, but overpriced.
Sealed Bully Limited Edition for the PlayStation 2 – Not sure if it has tons of value yet, but definitely hard to come by and a future rarity.
Blank Nintendo Gamecube NR Disc – These discs were used during the development of games on the Nintendo Gamecube.
Radical Rex Sega Genesis Prototype – Fun times with Rex is a skateboardin’ Tyrannosaurus. I wonder if there are any differences from retail.

Thanks to all who submitted some of these!

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