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Sony PlayStation Internal Employee Glass Dualshock Controller Five Year Service Award

I like internal employee items, and this is one I haven’t seen before.

You are bidding on a Sony PlayStation 5 years of service award given to employees that have at least 5 years of full time work within the company. The base plus the controller weigh about five pounds. The controller is made out of pure glass. My name is on the top of the base but is not being shown for certain reasons. This name can easily be removed if someone chooses to do so.

Auction Here


Large PAL Collection – Lots of boxed hardware and some goodies in the games too.
Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Bros McDonalds Happy Meal Store Display – From 2006. Donkey Kong, Mario & Yoshi toys.
NINTENDO N64 The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask – Really nice looking Japanese Edition.
Dead Island Steelbook – Spanish Exclusive I believe. Still haven’t played this game, but I mean to.
N64 Xbox 360 Conker’s Bad Fur Day Live & Reloaded Promo Poster – Would look awesome framed.
Dragon’s Lair arcade poster Don Bluth Rick Dyer Gary Goldman John Pomeroy signed – Shape is a little rough, the the signatures of industry legends Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy, and Rick Dyer make up for it.
Vintage Super Mario Bros. Pencil by Applause
The Legend of Zelda Korean Board Game – Cover looks a lot like Dragonball. Except for the bizzare Lego castle in the background.
Nintendo World Championships 1990 VIP Semi Finalist pass badge Sticker
super mario 2 suspenders by nintendo – Keep your pants up with style.
Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak! (Nintendo NES) – Horrid condition, but already $200+
Brand New Shipping Case Of Six PAL SNES Systems – Seller still has these. HOW MANY DOES HE HAVE?
Nintendo Zelda Promotional Windbreaker – So ugly, it’s awesome.
Mega Man 7 CIB Complete Mint Black Box SNES Super Nintendo Rare – Please be shill bids. *SIGH*
GAME PLAYERS 1994 RPG TROPHY Final Fantasy III – Prove you were the best Final Fantasy Player in 1994.
Nintendo NES Display Setup – Unused Display set. A few broken pieces, but the rest is mint.
Magical Chase – Rare JAP Hu-Card. Awesome game too.
5X Duke Nukem 64 – Why have one copy when you can have five?
4 Import Nintendo Virtual Boy Games – V Tetris, Vertical Force, Golf, Baseball

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