Spectravideo Robotarm Alpha Pack & Kaettekita Mario Bros.

QuickShot Robotarm SVI-2000 C
This is a Robotic hand that could be controlled with joysticks, made by the king of joystick manufacturers. Best part, is that there was also a cart which made it possible to link the Robotarm and the MSX home computer.
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Kaettekita Mario Bros. Famicom Nintendo Disk
Description taken from the auction:
In the late 80’s, a food company called Nagatanien was producing “Mario Curry” for the Japanese market. The company sponsored this remake of Mario Bros. on the Famicom Disk System, and their name appears throughout.
Kaettekita Mario Bros. (Return of Mario Bros.) was one of the few Famicom Disk System games available exclusively from the Famicom Disk Writer and not sold separately. In Kaettekita Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi gained the ability to change direction slightly in mid-air, and the graphics were tweaked to look more like the arcade version. Taking advantage of its disk format, the game let you register your name and saved the top five high scores.

Kaettekita Mario Bros. appears to have been sponsored by Nagatanien, a Japanese food company. After selecting the number of players, the game displayed one of three short cut-scene advertisements for Nagatanien products, including one for Super Mario Bros. 3 furikake (dried food sprinkled over rice). The first time you lose all your lives in the “Nagatanien World” mode, you play a slot machine for the chance to continue where you left off with all your points; match two Marios or Luigis for one extra life, three Marios or Luigis for two extra lives, or spell out Naga-tani-en for a whopping four extra lives.

Nintendo Mario Stadium Chair 1989
A little wear for the coolest portable chair I’ve ever seen!

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