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Street Fighter Halloween Costumes

In my search for an awesome video game related Halloween costume, I’ve stumbled across four amazing costumes. Probem is, I’m not sure if these are the best or the worst costumes I’ve ever seen. I’m torn.

I was browsing and found four Capcom Street Fighter Costumes.

Ken? Check. Ryu? Check. Akume? Check. Need Sexy Halloween Costumes? Oh yes, they’ve got Chun-Li too.

You know I have no shame when it comes to Halloween costumes. The more embarrassing, the better is what I saw. Women often use it as an excuse to dress up sexy like, I use it as an excuse to make a fool out of myself.

My Toad costume showed I have no shame of showing off my muscled abs (aka my potbelly) and my dream Megaman costume is going to leave nothing to the imagination with all the spandex.

That said, I honestly don’t know if I could pull off one of these street fighter costumes. After the Street Fighter movie, I don’t know if anyone can, or even should try to pull one of these costumes off.

Still, something about these costumes just screams “GAMING GEEK” and I feel overly compelled to actually buy one. Screw wearing it on only Halloween too – I’d wear these babies around the house on a daily basis. I’d be dishing out rising dragon puches to anyone who got in my way.
Street Fighter Akuma Costume Street Fighter Chun-Li 
Street Fighter Ken CostumeStreet Fighter Ryu Costume


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