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Super Mario Halloween Treat Bag

super mario treat bag halloween Halloween is coming up quickly and if you’re either the crazy parent who wants to make sure that your kid has an awesome unique costume, or the crazy person who wants to have an awesome unique costume themselves – it’s already on your mind.

I’ve been doing a ton of searching for ideas and wandered across this nifty treat bag I figured I would share. It’s a custom job and priced at more than I would pay already. I’m from a family of crafty people though, so I don’t respect handmade things the way I should.


Tons of stuff on my list with the searching I’ve been doing, so I should share a few others before they expire.

Super Synth Drums Homebrew NES Cart

Nintendo 64 35MM Camera ($4.99 BIN)

Ken Griffey Jr Baseball Car Flat Sheet

Super Mario / Zelda Wooden Toy Chest (Sweet, but expensive)

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