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Super Nintendo Power Previews Program Cart Version 3.0

Up for auction on NintendoAge is this Super Nintendo Power Previews Program Cart Version 3.0.

Not a ton is known about this, and there seems to be only a handful of copies found. One person has another grey version 3.0, and another with a black version 5.1.

Apparently (and this is from me reading a ton of disjointed info – take it with a grain of salt), these carts require specialized hardware which then played the Nintendo Power Previews Laserdiscs that we’ve featured here before (and unfortunately, I don’t have an archived auction of).

The cart itself says not to put it in a regular system, as it could damage both the game and hardware. It also looks to have a different number of pins than a standard SNES cart, so it’s a safe bet it will do nothing if you put it in a system.

There’s also a phone number on the board, which people have already tried to call to see if they can dig up more info. Seems to only be an answering machines however.

The kiosks that they were used in were produced by this company, which still has information on their website.

Visual Database Systems designed and manufactured the controllers used in the Nintendo Power Previews point-of-purchase displays. Nintendo has placed these units in stores like Toys ‘R Us, Target, Kmart, Kay Bee Toys and others in hundreds of locations across the US. The unit uses a Pioneer LD-V2000 laserdisc player and has replaceable keypad graphics. The disc and keypad are changed each quarter to show the latest Nintendo products. Nintendo chose laserdisc as the best media to show full resolution NTSC moving video and demonstrate the quality of the graphics and sound produced by their Super Nintendo and other video game systems.

One person actually owns the full kiosk and has posted information and pictures on it here.

Auction on the NintendoAge Forum Here. Currently up to $250.00.

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