Super Nintendo SNES Campus Challenge

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Anyway, you may have already heard about the Super Nintendo SNES Campus Challenge listed on GameGavel.

In 1992 Nintendo created another nationwide contest after the success of the 1990 NWC and the 1991 NCC. This was the first official competition cart made for the Super Nintendo. The event traveled to around 35 different college campuses where thousands of students battled for a chance to compete for the next Nintendo World Championships title. To compete, gamers had to grab 50 coins in Super Mario World, finish two laps on the first track in F-Zero, and reach the highest score they could in Pilotwings, all before time ran out. At the event all three games were combined into a sspecial cartridge made specifically for the 1992 SNCC. Almost all of these cartridges were destroyed.

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Super Nintendo Burn-In Test Cartridge
Final Fantasy VIII X 8 10 Play Arts Arms
Final Fantasy VIII Guardian Force Ragnarok Ship Complete
Final Fantasy Creatures Volume 1 Ultima Weapon Color with Card
Japanese Game Gear Games – SMS Power Forum Thread
Nintendo Cereal System Box (Empty) Original Super Mario Bros. Legend of Zelda
HALO REACH – EMILE Cardboard Cut Out Stand Up Store Display XBOX 360 (4 of 5)
Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle (Sega Game Gear)
The Jetson’s Cogswell’s Caper Nintendo NES Factory Sealed Brand New H-Seam
Nintendo Game & Watch Pocketsize – Fire FR-27
Star Fox Super Weekend (Official Competition Cartridge) (Super Nintendo) SNES
Nintendo Game Boy Color Pokemon Pikachu Edition Yellow Handheld
Turtles in Time Street Fighter 2 Starfox Castlevania SNES sealed
New & Sealed LODE RUNNER by Brøderbund for Commodore 64 C64 Cartridge Cart Rare
NIB Sega Master System II RARE! Complete, never played with, boxed
TurboDuo System BRAND NEW Factory Sealed in Shrinkwrap TurboGrafx
Magical Pop’n Super Famicom/SNES JP GAME
The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy Set – Sealed Limited Collectors – 1 of 1000
Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA V special edition picture viewers keychain!! Complete set
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood poster signed by the development team
NEW SEALED Official SEGA Dreamcast Magazine. Premier Issue #1! w/ Exclusive CD!
First Issue w/Sonic

New & Sealed CHILLER by American Game Cartridges for Nintendo NES Ultra Rare
Shenmue promotional items from Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 1998
Sterling Sharpe Football SNES Super Nintendo Prototype Game + SIGNED Football


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